Dylan Raiola Seamlessly Transitions


The news coming out of Lincoln has been much awaited but not as readily available as we would have thought, due to the entire country talking about the true freshman who is favored to start for the Huskers this year. Dylan Raiola, the highest ranked quarterback to ever play a game wearing the block “N”, has not made many waves in the news cycle this offseason since his decommitment from Georgia, and commitment to Nebraska. Many interviews have coaches stating Raiola’s quiet transition into a collegiate quarterback. Bringing up his leadership and work ethic in quotes from Coach Rhule such as “he just works”. This is exactly what is needed from a true freshman stepping into this role surrounded by many veteran players. 


Leading a much improved offensive roster with the addition of weapons like the All-ACC’s Jahmal Banks who led Wake Forest in 2023 with 59 receptions for 653 yards and once highly sought after wide receiver from the University of Texas Isaiah Neyor. Adding in the current young crop of receivers already having acquired playing time at Nebraska, this should be a very steady receiving room. Allowing Raiola to play within himself and not have to force the ball downfield to receivers with little to no separation. 


Raiola’s “He Just Works” mentality is something that could lend itself to a much needed improvement at the quarterback position in 2024. Finding Raiola in the weightroom, studying film or quietly covered in sweat from head to toe during mat drills may not make news headlines but it shows his want to succeed. The lack of “we” in college football is ever so growing as the want of “I” is taking over in this NIL era. That want of “we” paired with an upgraded receiver room and a very deep running back room will ease the stress on this young quarterback and allow him to grow without the outside pressure that may be put onto him with a less adequate offense. Finally giving a promising quarterback the ability to shine and stay healthy. 


From his commitment poem to his actions, Dylan Raiola is coming across as less of an outsider but more of a player who understands the totality of Husker football. The grit the people of Nebraska portray. The heart we put into this program, and what it means to an entire state when it’s thriving. So don’t mistake his quietness for inability. Mental preparedness is best done in silence, and Raiola is preparing for battle.