Spring is here and all eyes are on practice and the upcoming Spring Game. Commotion and hype drawing our attention to the current roster has not stopped this Rhule led coaching staff from keeping one eye on next years’ recruiting class. Rhule and company are aiming to bring in a Top 10 recruiting class in 2025, which is something the Huskers have not been able to accomplish since 2007 and before that you will need to go back to the 90’s to find a top ten class calling the Cornhusker State home.

Signing a major recruit early on in the process is of utmost importance. It can be a domino effect that leads to more high caliber players feeling comfortable signing with a school that is in Nebraska’s current situation. Football is highly tied to momentum both on and off the field and recruiting is no deviation here. A trend setter signing with Nebraska early on in this upcoming recruiting cycle would be huge for Nebraska to help lure in some players who are considering Nebraska but have not fully bought in yet. Keep in mind that Matt Rhule is known for developing 1 star recruits into NFL caliber talent, that being said this is the first situation where he may be able to regularly bring in 4 and 5 star recruits and develop them into the type of talent Husker fans have been longing to see on the field.

Even when focusing only on players that have already taken visits to Nebraska, the recruiting class is looking very promising. Ten players with four star rankings who are leaning heavily towards Nebraska have already made a visit to campus or are set to make a visit this month. With an average of 330 four star rankings given out each year, Nebraska is looking to take home its share in 2025. From in-state recruits to heavily targeting Texas and other key pipeline states, this staff is doing their job on the recruiting trail.

Over the weekend Rhule and company hosted a rather large group of recruits led by Nebraska native Chase Loftin, a 4 star recruit from Millard South. Three star’s Jackson Carpenter out of Lincoln Southwest, Tyson Terry from Omaha North, Caden VerMaas from Millard North, Conor Booth from Bishop Neumann and Malachi Goodman from New Jersey.

This week Nebraska will be hosting 4 star recruit Adonyss Currie and 3 star offensive lineman John Mills. Currie, a 6’2” 160 pound cornerback out of California is leaning heavily towards Nebraska. While Texas is edging the Huskers out with offensive lineman John Mills, a 6’5” prospect also hailing from the Golden State.

With a seemingly great start to the 2025 recruiting cycle, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are attracting attention to themselves for not only what is happening on the practice field in Lincoln, but also for the work that has been put in on the recruiting trail. Even with a pickup of just the recruits who are leaning Huskers at this moment, Nebraska would be able to secure its first top 10 recruiting class in over a decade.