“The Pipeline” means something to Husker nation. It’s not just a saying that is thrown around, but almost a connection to a longing for days when dominance on the field was prominent and lead by the big uglies up front. Men that without a doubt in your mind would get the job done. Men that would punish the defensive line until the point where they would give out in the fourth quarter. There is nothing more physically and emotionally draining than being a D-lineman and having a team run the ball straight down your throat for an entire game knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop it. “The Pipeline” is a daunting force, and could Rhule recruiting it back into existence?

A great way to judge the future is to take a look at the past. Coach Rhule has already recruited some very talented offensive lineman at Nebraska. From Grant Brix to Gibson Pyle, Rhule has shown a love for and ability to get hard nosed offensive lineman out of high school. In the 2025 recruiting class, that trend looks to stay steady. With two interior lineman eyeing Nebraska from the famed Bishop Gorman HS in Las Vegas (Alai Kalaniuvalu and SJ Alofaituli) and Houstin Kaahaaina-Torres out of St Louis, Rhule also seems to be utilizing the Riola’s connections and trying his hand in the Samoan Pipeline which has worked outstandingly for many teams already.

Not only is the Huskers recruiting staff focusing on big, powerful offensive lineman but on lineman whose frames are already filled out. Making for less work done when getting the players ready for Saturdays in the fall. Looking up and down the board at recruits that Nebraska has offered it is very hard to find a tackle under 6’5, and even harder to find an interior lineman under 270 pounds. Bringing in lineman who require less time building, means that they can spend more time adding muscle and focusing on the transition to the college level.

Most recently four star Offensive Tackle Broderick Shull boasted about his previous experience on his most recent visit to Nebraska saying “My visit was phenomenal. I like the coaches, the facilities are great and it was a great experience.” Shull will be back on campus this weekend for an official visit. Landing a prospect such as Shull would continue Rhule’s run of getting highly touted offensive linemen into Nebraska. With this current staff’s ability to develop young talent Nebraskas’ line is starting to look better and better each day.