In 2023 we saw an offense that was controlled by the parts of the sum and not the sum of its parts. While we saw flashes of an explosive run game, there was not the ability for Nebraska to be able to maintain that run game at a level needed to win consistently due to the lack of an air attack. Even in battle, all of our greatest military generals understand the need for a distraction or a slide of hand. After all, it is of importance to keep defenses honest and guessing. Most teams this past season were able to play man defense on Nebraska while loading up eight or nine men in the box to stop the run. While Nebraskas’ talented running back room and athletic quarterbacks were still able to make plays there was never any real sustainability. 

This year it feels as if the sum of the parts fit together properly. With a plethora of new pieces on offense, most are well experienced. A quarterback room in which is projected to be led by a true freshman and an unsurety on the left side of the offensive line, Nebraska seems to at least have all the parts this year to compile a complete offense. With the defense Nebraska has in place, a complete offense in 2024 may be enough for eight wins. 

The major setback of Nebraska’s offense for the last decade has been consistency. Under the past coaching staff it felt we had the skill players but lacked leadership, unity and that ever so important toughness on the offensive line. Last year our offensive line held their own against defenses who were able to guess with a high level of confidence whether it was going to be a run or pass. The Leadership from the sidelines was almost stoic as the players seemed to know and understand that Rhule and company would not lead them into situations that would result in a bad outcome. One piece seemed to be missing and that was depth and experience at skill positions.

In 2024 the Huskers ability to stretch the field will be a difference maker. With both speed and size at the receiver position, and quarterback room in which can make on target, downfield throws. An offensive line that will be improved over last year, a year in which I was pleasantly surprised by their play. Paired with a running back room that is a stable of quality backs. This years Huskers have all of the parts needed, let’s just see how smoothly they run. With a serviceable offense, Nebraska reaches 7-8 wins. If Nebraska comes out with a competitive offense and another top 10 defense we could be looking at a 9-10 win season and a top 25 ranking. This is college football. I’ve seen crazier things happen.