Through These Gates


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3'x5', Acrylic on canvas. Original for sale. Message for info.

Through These Gates….
Pass the GREATEST Fans of College Football.

I truly believe that quote, and this one is for the Fans, past and present.

Until this painting, I hadn’t painted a Husker picture in almost a year. My heart hasn’t been in it. Like many of you, I am a die heart Husker fan…I almost have to be with the family I come from. We leave Husker games with hoarse throats and barely able to talk. With how this year has gone, how our team still isn’t where we want them to be and everything else, I’ve kind of been down some.

I was talking with my family about what to paint. I couldn’t get into any ideas. My brother suggested doing something from the old days to now. Something for the fans. He shared the ‘Through These Gates’ quote with me. After months of talking with my family and friends, saving ideas, watching Husker films and bouncing ideas off so many people, this idea was born. Fans from the beginning of Husker football to fans now. No matter what happens, we bleed Husker red and we show up. I truly believe Nebraska fans are special, and we love our team a little differently. I urge you to continue to support them through the process that we are in. It won’t happen over night. Walking through those gates on game day is something you can’t describe that gives you goosebumps and memories to last a lifetime. Can’t wait until we can be in Memorial Stadium again.

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