Husker Coach Matt Rhule was “shocked” along with the entire fanbase with the announcement of former Huskers Athletic Director Trerv Alberts’ departure. The surprise however does come with the Huskers women’s and men’s basketball teams taking on former Huskers AD Trev Alberts new school in Texas A&M this upcoming weekend in the NCAA basketball tournament, almost as if it was fate.

As for Alberts’ replacement, I do believe he currently resides in the state of Kansas. Both Kansas and Kansas State have made huge strides on the football field these past handful of years, with Kansas State winning the Big 12 in 2022 over CFB playoff participant TCU. Both schools are strong in basketball and well rounded in most other sports. Working with much less as far as faculty, facilities and overall brand than they would get at Nebraska. A smaller budget and less backing from an NIL standpoint. I do believe both Travis Goff of the University of Kansas and Gene Taylor of Kansas State would both be a great fit.

With the college football world slowly gravitating towards two power conferences with the Big 10 and the SEC. AD’s, Schools and coaches alike will all be wanting to accomplish one of two things. Either hitch their wagon to a new school already located in one of the two “super conferences” or try and get their school into that conference. That being said, I do believe pulling an Athletic Director from a Big 12 or ACC school will not be as difficult as some believe. Kansas is much better positioned to end up in the Big 10 if it did come down to such a decision, due to branding and academics. While Kansas State is more likely to get left out of the “super conference” talks.

While I do feel Goff would be a good fit at Nebraska, definitely in my top two. Gene Taylor would be a clear number one target for the University of Nebraska due to his resurrection and continued growth of the football program, basketball program and a seemingly well defined overall vision of Kansas State athletics. Nebraska does not necessarily need a pathfinder but a CEO in the AD spot and Gene Taylor fits that mold.

So as we all buckle up for the “Alberts bowl” this weekend between both Husker mens and womens basketball teams competing against Texas A&M we shall start to hear news of who the new athletic director could be. There will be some big names thrown around, but the state of Kansas may just hold the top two prospects.